Audio Amplifier

Now a days We all Are using Amplifier as part of TV , Home Theater and many more so i thought why we will not made an amplifier By Himself. this circuit can be used with a small 9 volt Battery Operated,Current use as little as 5 milliamps.And amplification up to 500 mW.

This circuit number LM386 IC is used as the IC, which is popular is that it has. It is a simple circuit. Less equipment items. Suitable for use or used in small trials.
The properties of the IC can be used from 4V-12V power supply for low current at 50 mA only. And the frequency response from 40Hz – 100 kHz rate of expansion of 46 dB and distortion. Less than 1%.


  • LM386
  • an Speaker
  • 10 UF ,220 UF and 0.1UF capasitor
  • 10 K ohm Resitance
  • Battery ( 9 volt)

Here The Circuit Diagram Is Provided